Joye eGo-C now in both sizes 1.1ml (Type A) and MEGA 2ml (Type B) atomizers that are now quickly and easily rebuildable.  The evolution of the Joye eGo e-cigarette takes it to the next level

Genuine Joye eGo-C's are available NOW at an authorized partner / distributor in the USA


You may purchase an Genuine Joyetech eGo-C, eGo-T, eGo-T MEGA or eGo MEGA by clicking on this link here or the picture below.





This Kit Contains

  • eGo-C  Atomizer Head X 5*
  • eGo-C  Atomizer Base X 2*
  • eGo-C  Atomizer Cone X 2*
  • eGo-C  650mAh Battery X 2*
  • eGo-C  eGo USB Charger
  • eGo-C  Pouch
  • Tank Cartridge X 5
  • USB to AC Adapter
  • Manual

All-Ultimate, eGo-C

The Joye eGo-C system introduced by Joyetech the leader in e cigarette design and manufacturing has created a new reliable and convenient way to change your atomizer.  For the first time, anyone can easily change their atomizer with the new eGo-C System.  It is designed to allow users to quickly check their Atomizer if they encounter any problems or simply want to change their Atomizer. 

The Joye eGo-C kit comes with a 3.7 volt, 650mAh rechargeable Battery with a power-saving /safety function which allows you to turn the Battery on or off.  This prevents accidental discharge of the Battery when not in use.  The 650mAh Battery enables up to 800 puffs a day.  It also uses the tank system with dual air circulation structure, which provides richer vapor and great taste.


The Battery is shipped in the off position.  In the off position, the eGo-C will not function, even when pressing the LED Power Button.  To turn the Battery ON, press the LED Power Button 5 times within 2 seconds.  You will see the LED Power Button flash.  To turn the Battery OFF, press the LED Power Button 5 times in 2 seconds and the LED Power Button will flash letting you know it is turned OFF.

To charge the Battery, gently screw the Battery into the eGo USB Charger.  Plug the USB Charger into the USB to AC Adapter or a computer USB port.  The Battery LED Power Button will flash to show you it is charging.  The light on the USB Charger will turn red when the Battery is charging and turn green when fully charged.  When the Battery is fully charged, unscrew the Battery from the Charger.






How to Assemble Your eGo-C

To assemble the eGo-C system you will need the following parts from your starter kit:  A Tank Cartridge, Atomizer Cone, Atomizer Head, Atomizer Base and an eGo Battery.

First, screw the Battery and Atomizer components together. Next, gently push the Tank Cartridge into the Atomizer until it is fully seated into the Atomizer Cone – there should be no space between the edge of the Atomizer Cone and the Tank Cartridge. Then spin the Tank Cartridge around 1 full turn while inserted to ensure the hole at the bottom of the Tank Cartridge punctured by the Atomizer Head is clear to allow liquid to flow.







How to Add Wicked Vapor® Liquid to the Tank Cartridge which may be purchased here

Remove the cap on the bottom of the Tank Cartridge and pour the liquid into the empty Cartridge opening. When almost full, snap the cap back on to the Cartridge.

How to Replace the Atomizer Head

First, unscrew the base of the Changeable Atomizer unit.  Next, remove the Tank Cartridge at the top of the Atomizer unit.  The Atomizer Head should fall out. You can now replace the Atomizer Head.

Take the new Atomizer Head and place it into the base of the Atomizer Cone.  Make sure the spike of the Atomizer Head goes into the Atomizer Cone first.  Next, screw the base of the Atomizer unit into the Atomizer Cone.  Then, insert the Tank cartridge.  Screw the Atomizer with the new Atomizer Head back onto the Battery and it is ready for use again.





How to Use the eGo-C simply inhale slowly while pressing the LED Power Button on the Battery.  You will feel and taste the vapor gently moving into your mouth.  Let the rich vapor collect in your mouth and enjoy the taste.

Battery Power-Saving Feature

The product’s Battery has a power-saving feature to avoid Battery drain.  To switch to the sleep mode, press the LED Power Button 5 times within 2 seconds.  The LED Power Button will flash a few times as the Battery goes into sleep mode.  The e-cigarette will not function in this mode.  To turn the sleep mode OFF, press the LED Power Button 5 times within 2 seconds and the Battery will return to standby mode.

Consumers Note: Copycat or Clone models labeled with similar names like Ego, eGO-K, Ego-W, eGo-V or EGo-Q are not made by the patented inventor and manufacturer of the Genuine Joye eGo and may not be compatible.  Genuine products are engineered to achieve a perfect balance of output, load and circuit protection.